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ProjectMP offers a suite of products to help manage your projects better.

All of the different softwares integrate with one another to ensure a complete project management plan. For more information, click on each of the individual products.



RiskMP allows you to identify and quantify risks, track and monitor risks as the project changes, and be able to communicate these risks with all parties involved.

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Site Supers

SupersList is a project tracking application that allows you to record progress on-site. You can include pictures with descriptions and email it in a press of a button.

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Project Managers

ChangesMP helps you manage changes on-site, communicate those changes in real time, and update swiftly to different project management tools like MS Project.

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Project Mangers

The ProjectAddin toolbar for your MS Project. It gives you the ability to share your MS Project plan in real time, and import desired changes made by others into the master plan.

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Deficiencies Team

CloseoutPro allows you to share project schedules and punch lists. Upload punch lists from .csv files.

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A suite of construction products that help manage your project plans.

ProjectMP includes a suite of software products for the construction industry. Currently, ProjectMP includes 5 software products that boosts the overall communication and productivity throughout the whole project process. This means that from the beginning of the planning to closing out a completed project, ProjectMP offers software that assists with every step of the project cycle. We ensure that every member of the project stays well connected, and communication is real-time. This way, you can ensure that your project can be completed in the most productive way possible and be able to deal with changes on the way swiftly.


We offer an all-in-one price for ProjectMP; which includes all of our construction software.


  • 24/7 Access
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects


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  • 24/7 Access
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects


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  • 24/7 Access
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects

Aside from our software, ESCTT Inc. also offers training courses which are accredited by many associations and recognized as industry standard.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Excel

Project Management

Risk Management

Change Management

..and more

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I'll be able to make use of this info right away. It was exciting to see how powerful this software is.

P.C. Kingston, ON

Risk Management Software - This seems to be one of the most user friendly software packages.

L.S. Edmonton, AB

Made things a lot clearer - will no longer be shy in trying this. Will certainly help me in my job and will set up new items to track - very helpful

M.T. Toronto, ON

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